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PolyPro 3 For Class C Motorhomes Fits 29' To 32' x 122" Maximum Height Coach
PolyPro 3 For Class C Motorhomes Fits 29' To 32' x 122" Maximum Height Coach
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PolyPro 3 For Class C Motorhomes Fits 29' To 32' x 122" Maximum Height Coach

Part Number: 010338
Manufacturer Number: 79563
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PolyPro 3 For Class C Motorhomes

Every Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Cover is stitched together from PolyPro III fabric on top and the classic PolyPro on the sides.
The affordable PolyPro materials use three layers to shield against rain, snow, UV rays and dirt.
The entire RV cover is fully breathable to allow evaporation, and it's thick to protect against scratches and dings.
Plus, Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Covers come in a wide variety of Class A and Class C sizes to fit everything from the smallest Gulf Stream to the biggest, baddest Winnebagos.
You can unzip the side panels when you need to get into your RV, and it comes with a storage bag.
Thick, Triple-Ply PolyPRO 3 Top With Breathable Single-Ply PolyPRO 1 Sides Protects Against Rain, Snow, Dirt, Nicks And Scratches For All-Season Protection
An Integrated Air Vent System Combined With Quick Drying PolyPRO 1 Sides Reduces Wind Stress And Vents Inside Moisture
Adjustable Front And Rear Tension Panels And Elasticized Hem Corners Provide A Custom Fit.
Integrated Rope Attachment System With 4 Connection Points On Each Side To Secure Cover
Adjustable Custom Fit Feature Allows Adjustment For A Custom Fit.
Air Vent Reduces Inside Condensation And Wind Lofting
A Provided Toss Bag Helps Reduce Crawling Under The RV
Bird Dropping Protection.
Dirt, Dust And Scratch Protection. Snow Protection
UV Protection Shields The Contents Or Covered Object From Harmful Rays Of The Sun
Limited 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Use and Storage

  • The sides of your cover can be unzipped for access to the front, entrance side and rear.
  • The panels can be rolled up and held in place with the hook and loop straps toward the top of each
  • panel.
  • A handy storage bag is provided. To fit it in the bag fold your cover and roll the cover tightly rather than stuffing it.
  • Never store a wet cover in the storage bag or confined area as the cover can be damaged by mildew.


  • Spot clean with water, a mild soap and a sponge. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or brushes.


Tools Needed
  • Scissors
  • Matches or lighter (optional)
  • Screwdriver (usually Phillips head) for roof antennas

Note: Your cover has been packed so that when unrolled on the roof it is in the proper position for installation.

1. Cover or tape any sharp edges on your RV that could wear against your RV cover. Be sure to lower any
     roof antennas.
2. Carefully climb up on the roof and take your cover out of its storage bag.
    Place the rolled-up cover at the front center of the roof and unroll down the
    center of the RV.
3. Starting at the front, unfold your cover from the center outwards.
    Continue unfolding the cover as you work toward the back, letting it fall over
    the sides of your RV. Make sure the corners of the cover are at the corners of
    your RV.

4. Climb down the rear ladder and locate the ladder cap. (The cap helps keep the top of the ladder from
     stressing the cover). Fit it over the ladder top and attach it to the rungs with the hook and loop straps.
    Now pull the back end of the cover down the back of your RV.

5. Your cover is equipped with triple zippers on the front side panels.
    These zippers allow the cover to fit RVs with mirrors that do not fold against the RV.
    Zip all three zippers down to the mirror height, then zip the bottom zipper to the bottom of the cover.
    Create an opening at the mirror height by zipping the top zipper up slightly and the center zipper down slightly.
    Slip the opening over the mirror and close the top and bottom zippers around the mirror post.
    Finish by zipping all the panels closed on your cover then pull the elasticized corners down over both bumpers of
    your RV.

6. Tie an end of one of the supplied pre-cut ropes onto one of the D-rings along the bottom hem.
    Put a small rock in the provided toss bag, close the top and tie the free end of the rope to the bag D-ring.
    Now toss the bag and rope under your RV to the D-ring on the opposite side.
    Take the rope off the bag and tie it to the D-ring. Repeat with the remaining D-rings.
7. Adjust the strap length on the white tension panels across the front and back to fit your RV.
    Don’t over tighten—the straps should be snug, not drum tight.
    To attach the straps into the side release buckles just insert the clip into the buckle.
    To release the buckle press the buttons on both sides and pull the clip out of the buckle.


  • Dress your recreational vehicle with a Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Cover for an affordable line of defense against the elements
  • Built from a blend of PolyPro III and PolyPro fabric that’s thick and shields against rain, snow, dirt, UV rays, and nicks
  • Your Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Cover is fully breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate instead of turning to mold
  • Zippered side panels give you access to your RV even when it’s draped with a Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Cover
  • Elasticized corners and adjustable front and rear tension panels provide a custom-tailored look at a universally sized price
  • Available for Class A and Class C rigs
  • Your Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Cover comes with a storage bag
  • 3-year warranty
  • Description Freedom is owning an RV.
  • However, most of us have to work to afford our mobile apartments, and time spent at the office is time not spent touring the country side on your quest to find the best road-side fruit stall for Bing Cherries.
  • When you can't be behind the wheel of your RV, be sure to keep it clean and safe with a Classic Accessories PolyPro III RV Cover.

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