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Sikaflex  715 RV Roof Sealant
SikaFlex 715 RV Roof Sealant
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Sikaflex 715 RV Roof Sealant

Part Number: 130014
Manufacturer Number: 017-187690
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RV Roof Sealant

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Rv Roof Sealant -Semi Self Leveling-White

 Sikaflex-715 is a camper roof sealant that has one-component silane terminated polymer (STP) sealant with excellent adhesion and UV resistance. Apply on all seams and joints.  Results in a long-lasting, durable, crack resistant seal.  Very low shrinkage because it  contains 98% less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than other traditional RV roof sealants.

Key Benefits of Sikaflex®-715
Sikaflex®-715 = Cross-Linking Durability
Borne in the Sikaflex® tradition, Sikaflex®-715 camper sealant is moisture cured, flexible, elastic, and durable. Traditional  camper roof sealants are non-curing, drying, elastomer products. In essence these products never cure; rather they are more like putty. Sikaflex®-715 cures and this imparts a highly elastic internal strength to the product.

Sikaflex®-715 Rv Roof Sealant provides a durable sealant!
Sikaflex®-715 = Crack Resistant

Imagine a RV roof sealant that won’t crack and the peace of mind that your RVs won’t leak. Traditional roof sealants have large shrinkage characteristics, quickly dry and crack when exposed to the environment. Cracking RV roof sealant which causes leaks has been a persistent problem in the RV Industry. Sikaflex®-715 RV sealant is UV stable and stands up to the harshest environmental conditions. From extreme cold to hot and humid the product remains stable and the RV sealed. When a sealant cracks it creates a path for water to enter the RV. Left undetected it spells disaster for the owner and costly repairs for the manufacturer. In many cases mold has grown in the structure of RVs and caused extensive damage to the RV and personal property.

*Traditional camper roof sealant has stringy, putty like substance and easily
pulls apart and breaks.

*Sikaflex®-715 is a “cured” RV sealant and demonstrates good
flexibility and retains its shape.

Sikaflex®-715 = Semi Self-Leveling
The typical RV has a variety of roof penetrations around screws, skylights,
vents and antennas. These items have a wide range of profiles that must be
sealed completely to prevent water intrusion. With Sikaflex®-715 the sealant
is semi self-leveling which means the product stays where it has been
dispensed. The product flows just enough to conform to the profile of the
items but will not flow away from the profile. The viscosity of the product
covers fasteners such as screws not allowing the fasteners head to be
exposed. Sikaflex®-715 conforms to trim profiles, bridges gaps and fills
low spots.
*Sikaflex®-715 exhibits excellent semi self-leveling & flow characteristics.

Sikaflex-715 is a suitable RV roof sealant excellent for sealing a wide variety of RV roofing components including, EPDM; metals such as anodized and bare aluminum; phosphated, chromated and zinc plated steel; metal primers; 2-part coatings; ceramics and plastics.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Very good adhesion to EPDM
  • Semi self-leveling
  • Excellent dispensing characteristics
  • Primerless adhesion to difficult substrates
  • Isocyanate free
  • Low VOC content

Excellent UV resistance


Sikaflex® – 715 is a semi self-leveling RV sealant so the goal is to apply a large bead
at the seam or profile to be sealed, and let the sealant flow uniformly in both directions. Begin by cutting about 1 inch off the end of the cartridge nozzle. Apply sealant slowly so that the finished bead width is about 1 inch wide over the seam or profile. Screws should be covered with a dollop of sealant. Clean uncured sealant with mineral spirits or other solvent-based cleaners.

Post Sikaflex® – 715 Application Information
Sikaflex® – 715 will skin over in about 45 minutes and the curing process begins
immediately. Full curing requires 2 to 5 days depending on climate conditions and
sealant thickness. The RV can be moved, transported, or driven outdoors, even in
rainy conditions, after the skin forms on the sealant.

Technical Product Data (typical values)

Chemical base

1C Silane-Terminated Polymer



Cure Mechanism

Moisture Curing

Denisity (Uncured)*

12.7 lb/gal

VOC (EPA method 24)

< 0.5%

Non-sag properties

Semi self-leveling

Application temperature

40° – 110°F(4-43°C)

Tack free time*

20 – 40 min.

Curing rate*

3/16”/24 hrs



Shore A-hardness (ASTM D 2240)


Tensile strength (ASTM D 412)

100 psi

Elongation at break (ASTM D 412)


Movement accommodation factor

+/- 25%

Service temperature

40° – 190°F (4-88°C)

Shelf life (storage below 80°F (27°C))

9 months

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