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Serta Rv Mattresses

This Better Homes and Gardens Collection by Serta is the new way to sleep in your RV. Dometic is now offering the full RV Serta Mattress lineup. Over 75 years of quality mattress manufacturing. These Serta RV mattresses also include a 2-year warranty. With 3 great styles to choose from for your RV or camper, we have the Premium, Deluxe, and the Standard all at great prices! Serta has contracted these Better Homes and Gardens RV mattresses and is the manufacturer of them now for your RV. Free Shipping on All Serta Mattresses!
  • Short Queen 60"x74"
  • Queen 60"x80"
  • King 72"x80"

    One choice is the Premium, which is the Horizon Euro Top Innerspring Mattress. Another choice is the Deluxe Serta mattress. The Deluxe is the Adventurer Euro Top Foam Mattress. The last is the standard and it features the Horizon Innerspring regular style mattress by Serta. Each style of RV mattress is available in three unique styles. There is the RV short queen, RV regular queen, and the RV King size bed. They range from 8-10.5 inches thick. These RV and Camper beds are made from the softest materials available in the RV industry. With these great prices, everyone can sleep in comfort. Top of the line with a Bonnell coil system, three inches of convoluted foam plus two more layers of comfort foam finished with the soft and supportive Euro Top. Provides the best combined technology of coils and foam for ideal comfort and support. Serta is top quality, and great for any camper or RVer. Serta RV mattresses are great mattresses to provide you the comforts of home while you are away from home. If you have trouble sleeping while camping, Serta Camper mattresses will be great for you so that you won't have the trouble of tossing and turning while you try to sleep. Being outdoors can cause people sleeping problems because all the noises being heard outside and also the fact that a regular camper bed is usually just about 3 to 4 inches thick and it feels like laying on a piece of wood. With a Serta RV mattress, you will no longer have to feel like you are laying on a stiff board any more.
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Mattress 360164 Bunk Bed
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Mattress 360165 Twin Size Bed
Retail Price $426.99
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Mattress 360168  Full Size Bed
Retail Price $528.29
Your Savings: $8.14
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Mattress 360171 Standard Queen Size Bed
Retail Price $599.39
Your Savings: $113.93
Your Price: $485.46
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Mattress 360172 Short Queen
Retail Price $718.79
Your Savings: $137.06
Your Price: $581.73
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Mattress 360174 Standard Queen
Retail Price $746.49
Your Savings: $142.49
Your Price: $604.00
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Mattress 360173 Narrow King
Retail Price $872.79
Your Savings: $166.31
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Mattress 360175  King Size Bed
Retail Price $907.19
Your Savings: $172.76
Your Price: $734.43
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Mattress 326395 Short Queen
Retail Price $815.29
Your Savings: $155.39
Your Price: $659.90
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