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RV Sewer Hose Extension-For Sewer Solutin Pump-10'
Sewer Solution RV Sewer Hose Extension 10'
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RV Sewer Hose Extension-For Sewer Solutin Pump-10'

Part Number: 888636
Manufacturer Number: F050
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Camper Sewer Hose Extension-For Sewer Solution Pump-10'
Camper Sewage Waste Pump Extension Hose 10', by Sewer Solution, is a hands-off solution to RV waste disposal!

RV Sewer Hose Extension 10', extends the dump range distance of your Sewer Solution RV waste pump.

Sewer Solution, RV sewage pump (sold separately) is a water-powered jet pump system designed for dumping camper waste and flushing the system clean.

Sewer Solution Camper Waste Pump Sewer Hose System (Sold Separately) Features:
  • Easy to install
  • Sanitary to operate-no more dirty hands!
  • No moving parts
  • Completely self-cleaning
  • Environmental safe
  • Liquifies & pumps waste up to 60'
  • self-cleaning
  • no moving parts
  • includes pump unit
  • 10' discharge hose
  • sewer adapter
  • garden hose connections
  • vacuum breaker to protect fresh water supply

SewerSolution Jet Pump is molded from high strength Lexan polycarbonate plastic. The pump body is clear to allow monitoring. The Jet nozzle swivels to switch from the Pump to Flush mode.

Reinforced vinyl hose will hold the important inside diameter necessary for good pump operation. This tough stuff is likely the last RV sewer hose you will ever buy! To insure a good fit to the SewerSolution and the RV Sewer Adapter on the other end  both ends of the hose are heat formed for easy installation. Included with each Extension Hose (sold separately) is a short piece of tubing that allows you to easily connect hoses together.

Not only is the hose clean and high quality, it's a bargain compared to the old style three inch RV sewer hose. A 10' section of the 3" camper sewer hose must be stretched out to get the full length. This hose gives the full 10' with no hassle and will last much longer than the 3" RV sewer hose.

SewerSolution suggests using a maximum of 30' of the 3/4" hose. If you need to pump longer distances (up to 100' over level ground) you can easily insert 1" PVC pipe (white pipe from the hardware store) into the system. This much cheaper and will pump out faster. The PVC pipe option is great for setting up a home dumping system quickly and easily.

The Mystery Explained - or - "How do you get that stuff through the little hose?"

SewerSolution is powered by a precision, high velocity, solid stream Water Jet. When the powerful Jet is directed out the Discharge Tube a Venturi Effect suction is created. This is the Pump. As waste is drawn into the Jet, the powerful Hydraulic Shear Force rips the waste to pieces.
Consider this; If a powerful, solid stream water jet, such as found on a garden hose attachment, is forced into dirt, it just blows a big hole into the ground..............right? The SewerSolution brings the same kind of force to bear on the sewage as it is pulled into the Jet by the Venturi Effect suction.

High velocity water jets are used in industry to cut really hard stuff, like stone. It's not surprising that sewage cannot withstand the intense Shear Force coming from the Jet.

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10 Sewer Solution Kit

888636 (shown)


10 Extension Hose

How To Use:


Simply connect the SewerSolution pump to the RV sewer pipe like you do the 3" camper sewer  hose, insert the Sewer Adapter into the sewage receiver and connect a garden hose to power the SewerSolution. (Make sure an approved Vacuum Breaker device is connected in the garden hose.)

Start the garden hose and open the RV gate valve. Sewage passes thru the RV sewer pipe and gate valve into the SewerSolution. The patented Jet Pump will shred and pump waste thru the Discharge Hose.


(optional). Rotate the Jet to shoot water back up the RV Sewer Pipe, flushing the tank with clean water. When the sewer tank fills with adequate flush water, repeat Step 1 and dump the flush water. This cycle of 'in with the good water and out with the bad' may be repeated as desired to remove waste. All you have to do is flip the Selector Handle a few times. (Note that depending on the configuration of your RVs sewage pipes, the SewerSolution may not flush water back into your tank.)


Close the RV gate valve and rinse everything downstream of the gate valve with high pressure, clean water. The RV sewer pipe, SewerSolution pump and the Discharge Hose are completely cleaned! You will finish the job clean and begin clean the next time!

Its that easy, no more old style 3 hoses!

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