Lippert/Solera Awning Light 15' Black
Lippert/Solera Awning Light 15' Black
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Lippert/Solera Awning Light 15' Black

Part Number: 901839
Manufacturer Number: 387593
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Lippert/Solera Awning Light 15' Black

About Lippert Components:

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All 2016 Solera Awning models and replacement fabrics feature a NEW integrated light rail sewn right into the awning hem!
The flexible Solera Fabric Light Kit slides into the track by the coach side wall and under the awning.
The innovative design allows you to enjoy dramatic lighting outside the RV when the awning is extended or retracted!

***Preparation Note: This installation requires 3 people.***

Tools Required
  • Electric screw gun
  • #2 Square screwdriver bit
  • 3/8” nut driver bit and/or rivet gun

Awning with LeD tube Installation

1. Insert drive head pin (Fig. 1A) into cap (Fig. 1B). Align holes and secure with waxed screw. Insert screw fully, but do not over-tighten.
Repeat process for idler head at other end.

***Note: Be sure to align LED light wires (Fig. 2A) coming from idler head with the LED Light on roll tube (Fig. 2B).

2. Connect the wires from the idler head to the wires from the LED light on the roll tube. Both sets of wires have plastic connectors that will snap together.
3. Station a person at each end of the awning assembly to hold the support arms. A third person will line up the awning cord with the previously-installed awning rail.
Slide the awning cord to desired position.
4. Set the awning assembly to the desired height and attach each awning arm assembly to the side of the coach with four #14-10 x 1 ½" screws at the top (Fig. 3).
Connect the motor to a power source, cut the tie straps, and run the awning half way out.
Remove wire cover to expose the mounting holes. Secure the mount to the coach with four #14-10 x 1 ½" screws: two at the bottom (Fig. 4) and two in one of the middle 3 locations (Fig. 5A).

***Note: Four rivets can be used in place of the two middle and two lower screws on laminated walls

5. Take the LED tube power wire that is already fed through the idler leg and connect to the desired power wire from the coach. Note: Be sure black wire is to ground and white wire is to power source from coach. Note: Extend and retract awning 1 or 2 times to ensure that it is square before setting the screws.
6. Attach awning cord to awning rail with two screws #6-20 x ½" Hex to prevent lateral movement.
7. Seal all wall penetrations to protect against water intrusion.

***Note: All screws/rivets supporting awning assembly must have a backer within the structure of the wall of the coach.
***Note: Solera Awnings under 21' in length Do Not require the use of a center support or cradle..

LED Light Rail Installation

***Note: Solera® Power Awning must be installed prior to LED Light Rail installation.
1. Mount the LED light rail track (Fig. 6B) directly below the awning cord rail (Fig. 6A) and secure to the side of the trailer. Fig. 6 A B
2. Route the light wire over the top of the awning mount leg and run down through the leg in the same manner as the motor wire (Fig. 7).
3. Cut wire to desired length and connect to the coach wiring, making sure to connect the red wire on the light side to the power wire on the coach side.
4. Connect the black wire on the light to the ground on the coach side. The LED light rail must be wired through a 5 amp (maximum) fused circuit.
***Note: Make sure to seal the light track where it is screwed to the wall and also seal where light wire connects to the coach wire.
5. Turn the light on to confirm that it illuminates.